Enhancing the Mind & Body

Energetic VortexHealings® for emotional & energetic support

A basic 50 minute preliminary healing that will enhance areas of the energy system that are weak & in need of support.
Appointments can be in person or virtual & are scheduled by email to : Colin Snow

1. Broken or damaged energy pathways will be repaired.
2. Kidney & constitutional energies are re-plenished.
3. Blocked acupuncture points & Jin Shin nodes are re-established.
4. The intelligence fields are transformed to optimize emotional & physical health.
5. The function of the Chakra system as a whole is optimized

Cost by card is $88.58 including PayPal fee

Pay by check cost is $85.00

A selection of Healing Stories

I chose 'I am lonely’ as the focus for this healing & found myself feeling stronger, and even a little angry at the people I thought would be there for me, and weren’t. That actually seemed healthy to me, as though I was not willing to be angry before, for fear of losing them.
I feel like the process has moved through me and feel stable, even surprising myself with a different perspective on being alone ~ M Watson
July 2022

I did want to let you know your healing group the other day was really effective for me.
I could feel myself overcoming my selected negative story(ies) during the session and the results have stuck. ~ Ann B
July 2022

Shortly after the...

Shortly after the 'Relationship to Life' Issue session, I experienced new depths of compassion for her. Then my daughter confided how difficult her marriage had been & how lonely she’s been. It was clear, the new depths of compassion that I felt had freed her to share her biggest struggle with me.
I know that the Relationship to Life healing session helped bring about this lovely shift in my world. ~ Helen R  March 2022

I have to say my life has improved by leaps and bounds after each of the three healing sessions I attended. It's strange as there doesn't seem to be anything during the sessions. But afterwards it's like they are humming away subtly in the background each day and night opening me and the universe to new better ways of being.  It's been really wonderful. Feeling truly blessed. Thank you!!! ~ Jane U  April 2022

Thank you for a wonderful and powerful healing on Sunday evening! 
It seems like some stuck things are really starting to move for me. ~ Vicky P  March 2022