The Relationship Series

Emotional & Energetic support for living from the Heart & awakening to your true nature

We live in a challenging world, frequently experiencing fears & concerns above a comfortable level for everyday living.
Our emmotional issues separate, distract & disconnect us while depleting the abilty to enjoy & be happy in life.
Common issues are fear, anger, anxiety, despair, stuckness, sadness, loss of faith, abandonment, loneliness, depression & insecurity.
These virtual holistic energy healings help release those areas that are stuck & contracted by our issues.

Sunday July 10th - 5:30 to 6:30 p.m CST

The focus for this virtual group healing will be ~ Our Relationship to Self

From the human perspective everything experienced is in relationship to something else.

The egoic mind is consistently referencing the external & internal world & reflecting its observations back to itself.
These reflections provide us with ideas & opinions about who & how we are, creating a false sense of self, an image we know as 'I'.
The 'I' tells us stories about ourselves, I am good, I am bad, I am not good enough, I am better than others and so on.
Reflecting & repeating these internalized stories we grow into identifying & believing them.

For this healing you are invited to choose a story that you repeatedly tell yourself about yourself & wish to be free of.

Once payment is received you will receive more information by email with the link for this online Zoom event
Cost is based on a sliding scale : $15 to $45.00
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Sliding Scale

Selection of Healing Stories

My 43 year relationship with my daughter has had many ups & downs. Lots of drama! 
Shortly after the 'Relationship to Life' Issue session,I experienced new depths of compassion for her. Then my daughter confided how difficult her marriage had been & how lonely she’s been. It was clear, the new depths of compassion that I felt had freed her to share her biggest struggle with me.
I know that the Relationship to Life healing session helped bring about this lovely shift in my world.

Helen ~ Minneapolis March 2022

The Issue Series healings are very cool.
I have to say my life has improved by leaps and bounds after each of the three healing sessions I attended. It's strange as there doesn't seem to be anything during the sessions. But afterwards it's like they are humming away subtly in the background each day and night opening me and the universe to new better ways of being. It's been really wonderful & I feel truly blessed. Thank you!!!

Jane ~ Twin Cities April 2022

Thank you for a wonderful and powerful healing on Sunday evening! 
It seems like some stuck things are really starting to move for me.
Vicky ~ Twin Cities March 2022

Colin Snow is a Member of the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group Dedicated Healthcare professsionals