The Relationship Series

'Our Relationship to our Mother'

Sunday August 21st - 5:30 to 6:30 p.m CST

An online distant group healing with Colin Snow

The impact of our parents upon our lives is profoundly significant.
Patterns of their behaviour, their issues, their relationship together & their relationship to us continue to influence our lives.
While there are times when we are conscious of our parental patterns playing out through us, we remain unconscious to many of them.
Yes, aspects of that influence can be favourable, but we also know that not all of their characteristics are desirable.
We may have flown the nest but clearly continue to live our lives, ‘under their influence’.

For this healing you are invited to choose an aspect of your Mother that arises in consciousness that you would like to be free of

: The success of these hour long healings is reflected in the healing stories below
While the transformative healing nature of Holistic VortexHealing® is remarkable there is a limit to what can be achieved in one session
A more complete Parental Protocol is an option on request

Once payment is received you will receive more information by email with the link for this online Zoom event

Cost is based on a sliding scale in $5.00 increments from $20 to $45.00
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Sliding Scale

Selection of Healing Stories

I did want to let you know your healing group the other day was really effective for me.
I could feel myself overcoming my selected negative story(ies) during the session and the results have stuck
. Ann ~ July 22

Thank you for a wonderful and powerful healing on Sunday evening! 
It seems like some stuck things are really starting to move for me
. Vicky ~ March 22

At work today I noticed that people think I'm really good, yet I have felt like a failure because I can't do everything as well as I know I can.
The healing created a major shift for me, a new way of being in relationship with others and accepting their support
. Jane ~ July 22

I chose 'I am lonely’ as the focus for a healing.
I feel like the process has moved through me, I feel stable, even surprising myself with a different perspective on being alone
. Mimi ~ July 22

After the 'Relationship to Life' healing I experienced new depths of compassion for my daughter. My new depths of compassion freed her to share the loneliness she was experiencing in her marriage.
Helen ~ March 22

I have to say my life has improved by leaps and bounds after each of the three healing sessions I attended, opening me and the universe to new better ways of being. It's been really wonderful & I feel truly blessed.
Jane ~ April 22

Colin Snow is a Member of the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group Dedicated Healthcare professsionals