Energy Healing Minneapolis

Colin Snow advanced VortexHealing® Holistic Energy Healing practitioner

Colin is a member of The Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group
Healthcare professionals dedicated to improving health using integrative care

Colin Snow, from the UK, is an advanced VortexHealing® Holistic Energy Healer with a high level of skill & expertise
working with individuals & groups, be they in person or distant healings. He has clients throughout the USA & Europe.
The intention of VortexHealing® is to release illness, disease & negative emotional issues on every level they are found,
thereby returning the person to emotional balance & energetic strength.
However the effectiveness of VortexHealing is much more significant than this.
Formulated by the Divine the healing tools of VortexHealing effectively generate outstanding physical, energetic & emotional health.
On a profound level they create a relationship with the Divine that facilitates the deepest movement of healing possible.
This is the process of inner awakening from the egoic conditioned state to the freedom & oneness that is our true nature.
Colin is also the Founder & Principal instructor for Natural Step School of Tai Chi for Health & Conscious Living in Minneapolis.