Energy Healing Minneapolis

Colin Snow advanced VortexHealing practitioner

Colin is a member of The Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group
Healthcare professionals dedicated to improving health using integrative care

Energy Healing

The intention of VortexHealing® is to release conditioning on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance & energetic strength.
However the goal of VortexHealing is also much larger than this, because deeper healing requires a return to wholeness.
Wholeness requires an awakening from the egoic state of separation into the experience of our true nature.
The Divine Source of VortexHealing designed it to facilitate this kind of awakening. Whether studying or receiving VortexHealing, a process is engaged, a kind of spiritual acceleration process in which participants begin to awaken out of their conditioned webs of reality & identity.
Although the healing tools of VortexHealing are designed to effectively generate physical & emotional health, on a deeper level they also create a relationship with the Divine that facilitates the deepest movement of healing possible, the process of inner awakening to the freedom and oneness that is our true nature.