VortexHealing® ~ Supporting Cancer patients & Cancer Therapies

There are many ways that VortexHealing® can help support traditional cancer therapies by maintaining the energy systems to keep them strong and optimized. Many cancer therapies while helpful can tend to deplete the vital energies thus lowering the bodies natural ability to sustain a healthy recovery. There is also a strong emotional component involved in the development & recovery from cancer.

Suppressed grief tends to negatively impact the function of the lungs & lung energy. Because the lungs are central to the movement and utilization of oxygen & appropriate energy production in the cells its important to keep the lung function at an optimal level.
Hence it would also be significant to use VortexHealing to release the emotional issue of suppressed grief.
In many instances it is suppressed grief when combined with other factors that initiates the cancer and the emotional build up of resentment that creates toxicity & acidity in the cells that thrive in that oxygen depleted environment.

An alkalizing diet while reducing any foods or drinks that are high in sugar can be helpful. Fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic and drinking more water & raw vegetable juices are easy to adapt to.
Also consider gentle exercise with methods to bring more oxygen into the lungs like Tai Chi, Qigong or Yoga.
Do your own research, fundamentally looking for ways to keep the toxicity & acidity in the system low.