Infections & Immune system : Viral, Lyme, Covid, Bacterial, Fungus & Parasites

If our energy systems and organs are strong we are less prone to infections be they from a virus, bacteria or a combination of both as with Lyme disease. So regular healings to maintain optimal energy levels & boosts to the immune system are recommended.
We can also get 'stuck' in an emotional loop that becomes a barrier to recovery once an infection has established itself. So the emotional issue would need to be addressed as well as the infection itself.

An infection inevitably effects individuals in different ways often revealing a particular weakness in the system.
VortexHealing has a variety of safe, powerful energetic healing tools that target the specific type of infection to eliminate it & ensure the body systems are stronger hence supporting recovery.

One distinct advantage of VortexHealing is that it works perfectly well at a distance. For infections this removes the necessity to make clinic visits when you are unwell.