Harmonizing active relationships or healing the wounds of a breakup - in person or distance

Active relationships.
We have relationships with our partners, family members, friends & colleagues at work, and with life itself.
Struggles & conflicts in relationship manifest in a variety of ways.
Sadness, grief, unworthiness, loneliness, betrayal, depression, helplessness are just some of the issues that commonly arise.
Inevitably at the center of these struggles will be conditioning & the personal issues of those involved.
Addressing the issues in an active relationship reduces the tension & opens up new possibilities.

Following the breakdown of an active, romantic, sexual relationship the people involved remain intertwined energetically and in consciousness. This can be confusing & prevent them from moving on with their lives. So on a number of levels those involved need to,'unhook' the threads of attachment, dependency & resonance for freedom to arise.
Our personal issues are at the core of the difficulties we experience in relationships. So it can be important to address these core issues or they may sabotage future relationships despite our very best intentions.