Transforming Emotional Issues

Emotional issues keep us stuck, preoccupied & often dominate our lives to the detriment of our physical, mental & spiritual health. Deeply embedded in the human system on many dimensional levels emotional issues are a significant cause of physical pain, suffering & inner conflict.
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Our personal issues, are not simply about our current lifetime & we are not necessarily creating more of them, but we do need to take responsibility for them & how they impact our lives and the lives of others.

Holistic VortexHealing offers many options that transform our personal issues & attachment to emotional drama. Profound energetic healing tools help release & bring in clarity, safety, comfort & hope, particularly supportive when there is despair with emotional distress, anxiety & confusion. Fresh possibilities & solutions arise in which new realizations about one’s life naturally emerge.

Repair & Restore the Energy Systems & Pathways

The ulitmate & essential ingredient for every human being to manifest into existence is an unfathomable arrangement of energy & energetic pathways. Science can only estimate the number of cells in the body, 37 trillion & microbial cells 10-100 trillion.
Each cell, atom & molecule in the body is an energy center dependent entirely upon the bodies flow of energies along healthy energetic pathways.

Many factors contribute to weakening & in some cases shutting down the array of energy systems and the energetic pathways that nurture them. These include environmental effects both physical and emotional, the food we eat, lifestyle, genetics, Karma & our personal emotional issues. Without a strong energetic foundation, the key component for optimal physical, emotional & mental wellbeing is in short supply.

Harmonizing active relationships or healing the wounds of a breakup

Active relationships.
We have relationships with our partners, family members, friends & colleagues at work, and with life itself.
Struggles & conflicts in relationship manifest in a variety of ways.
Sadness, grief, unworthiness, loneliness, betrayal, depression, helplessness are just some of the issues that commonly arise.
Inevitably at the center of these struggles will be conditioning & the personal issues of those involved.
Addressing the issues in an active relationship reduces the tension & opens up new possibilities.

Following the breakdown of an active, romantic, sexual relationship the people involved remain intertwined energetically and in consciousness. This can be confusing & prevent them from moving on with their lives. So on a number of levels those involved need to,'unhook' the threads of attachment, dependency & resonance for freedom to arise.
Our personal issues are at the core of the difficulties we experience in relationships. So it can be important to address these core issues or they may sabotage future relationships despite our very best intentions.

Chakra System

Why are the 6 Chakras so important to your health & wellbeing?

The Chakras are essential & complex energetic centers for bringing energy & consciousness into the system. The major Chakras in the body sit in a vertical line along the spine. Seen from the side they look like 2 funnels of spinning light with their points connected in the spine. Each Chakra has its own specific function receiving energy into the system as a whole & nurturing the nearby organs.
The health of an individual Chakra depends on the strength of the general energy system, harmony in the Chakra system itself & how much stress is being placed on it by the issues & lifestyle being expressed through it.

Clear & optimize the Root Chakra (1st Chakra)

The 1st Chakra is also known as the Root Chakra. It is the densest Chakra & is involved with every aspect of your physicality, including your vitality, the survival of the physical body & regulation of the Kundalini energy. Impeded energy & deep emotional issues in the Root Chakra may manifest as problems in the pelvis, legs, kidneys (adrenal glands), bladder, the base of the skull, all while lowering your level of vitality.
Our many survival issues, fears & insecurities originate from here & because our sexuality is a survival issue the root of sexuality is located here.

Clear & optimize the 2nd Chakra

The 2nd Chakra provides the support & nourishment for our emotional bonds. Matters associated with all our personal relationships, internal & external are connected to the healthy function of this Chakra. Loneliness, Lack, Intimacy, Grief, Desire, Loss , Emotional Love, Connection & Money provide a flavor of the many complex issues related to the function of this Chakra. Disharmony here may impact the Lungs, Digestive System, Pelvis (Lymphatic System), Legs & Bladder. An accumulation of unresolved Grief, Resentment & Self Pity here can create the emotional backdrop that generates the optimal conditions for cancer.

Clear & optimize the 3rd Chakra

The location for the 3rd Chakra is interrelated with the Solar Plexus & the Solar Plexus is a substantial focal area for very significant nerve systems. Splanchnic Nerves – Sensory fibers for noticing feelings & pain
Vagus Nerve
– Regulates critical aspects of our physiology
Celiac Ganglia - Responsible for innervating the digestive system
Not surprisingly then that impediment in the 3rd Chakra can cause issues in the heart & the organs associated with digestion, also kidneys & liver. Personal power & status, control issues, anger, resentment, self-protection, hating and worrying, frustration and depression have relationship with the 3rd Chakra.
A robust 3rd Chakra helps us cope with the challenges that arise in life, manage stress & have clarity of mind.

Clear & optimize the 4th Chakra

Named the Heart Chakra it resonates with our sense of openness, living life wholeheartedly & with love. 
Divine love shows up here & combined with some of the positive attributes from the lower Chakras our compassionate nature arises. Our emotions, identities & personal issues surface & appear to progress from this localized energy center. You can experience anger & fear as well as love & joy here.
A strong healthy Heart Chakra will support and nourish the wellbeing of the heart & lungs.

Clear & optimize the 5th Chakra

The 5th Chakra is sometimes called the throat Chakra. It is not only significant in terms of our ability to  communicate with clarity but also connected to the expression of our creative nature.  Creative ideas expressed by language can often get blocked or suppressed. Keeping this Chakra open & energized is important  for the relationships we have with others particularly when it comes to listening and hearing others. In this way it supports our sense of connectedness to the rest of humanity.

Clear & optimize the 6th Chakra

Commonly associated with the third eye because of its location between the eyebrows. But the third eye and the 6th Chakra are different energetic formations although related by the terms of their historical associations. For instance the 6th Chakra is associated both with issues effecting the eyes & the avoidance of not seeing the ‘stuff’ that we find hurtful. Psychic perceptions are more a function of the third eye which has a close relationship to the pituitary gland.

Viral, Lyme, Covid, Bacterial, Fungus & Parasites

If our energy systems and organs are strong we are less prone to infections be they from a virus, bacteria or a combination of both as with Lyme disease. So regular healings to maintain optimal energy levels & boosts to the immune system are recommended.
We can also get 'stuck' in an emotional loop that becomes a barrier to recovery once an infection has established itself. So the emotional issue would need to be addressed as well as the infection itself.

An infection inevitably effects individuals in different ways often revealing a particular weakness in the system.
VortexHealing has a variety of safe, powerful energetic healing tools that target the specific type of infection to eliminate it & ensure the body systems are stronger hence supporting recovery.

One distinct advantage of VortexHealing is that it works perfectly well at a distance. For infections this removes the necessity to make clinic visits when you are unwell.

Cancer patients & Cancer Therapies

There are many ways that VortexHealing® can help support traditional cancer therapies by maintaining the energy systems to keep them strong and optimized. Many cancer therapies while helpful can tend to deplete the vital energies thus lowering the bodies natural ability to sustain a healthy recovery. There is also a strong emotional component involved in the development & recovery from cancer.

Suppressed grief tends to negatively impact the function of the lungs & lung energy. Because the lungs are central to the movement and utilization of oxygen & appropriate energy production in the cells its important to keep the lung function at an optimal level.
Hence it would also be significant to use VortexHealing to release the emotional issue of suppressed grief.
In many instances it is suppressed grief when combined with other factors that initiates the cancer and the emotional build up of resentment that creates toxicity & acidity in the cells that thrive in that oxygen depleted environment.

An alkalizing diet while reducing any foods or drinks that are high in sugar can be helpful. Fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic and drinking more water & raw vegetable juices are easy to adapt to.
Also consider gentle exercise with methods to bring more oxygen into the lungs like Tai Chi, Qigong or Yoga.
Do your own research, fundamentally looking for ways to keep the toxicity & acidity in the system low.