Releasing emotional issues & their impact on our lives

Emotional issues keep us stuck, preoccupied & often dominate our lives to the detriment of our physical, mental & spiritual health. Deeply embedded in the human system on many dimensional levels emotional issues are a significant cause of physical pain, suffering & inner conflict.
There are 3 core human issues, Lack, Loneliness & Neediness. More of them can be seen by clicking on this link.
They, our personal issues, are not simply about our current lifetime & we are not necessarily creating more of them, but we do need to take responsibility for them & how they impact our lives and the lives of others.

There are many options that help release personal issues & attachment to emotional drama. Profound energetic healing tools help transform & bring in clarity, safety, comfort & hope, particularly supportive when there is despair with emotional distress, anxiety & confusion. Fresh possibilities & solutions arise in which new realizations about one’s life naturally emerge.